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From Farm to Underarm

Reasons to move to a natural deodorant:

  • Your underarms are a sensitive area and close to lymph nodes and glands, so it is extra important to use safe and gentle products
  • Antiperspirants work by blocking the pores to prevent sweating. Sweating is a natural and essential detoxification process for the body
  • While many conventional deodorants can clog your pores and cause discomfort, natural deodorants can actually make your skin softer and smoother
  • Research suggests that aluminium-based ingredients may be linked to elevated aluminium levels and associated health problems.
  • Many conventional deodorants use synthetic fragrances which can cause sensitivities, allergies, toxicity and irritation.

The Herb Farm…

Have recently launched two new Deodorant Creams to add to their very popular natural deodorant range; Ylang Ylang & Orange and Black Spruce & Lime. These beautifully scented deodorant creams are made with an effective blend of 100 percent natural ingredients including shea nut butter, coconut, and essential oils. They are designed to target and neutralise odour-causing bacteria without harmful ingredients.

Tips for switching to a natural deodorant:

  • It’s a good idea to go ‘au naturel’ for a few days before switching over. When you stop using deodorants with chemicals and aluminium, your body will start to push these chemicals out. This may cause irritation and might not mix well with the baking soda that’s in The Herb Farm’s natural deodorants
  • Exfoliate your underarms weekly and wash daily, to assist in the detoxification process and prevent body odour
  • Try wearing fabrics with natural fibres (like cotton, hemp, and silk) during the transition period. Polyester and acrylic fabrics can trap moisture which may result in odour.

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