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Hey you! Are you dreaming of a good night’s sleep?

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Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep? Do you get easily disturbed in the night? Do you find it hard to settle your busy mind? The day has come where you can finally say hello to a supported, rested sleep!

Magnesium is a magical mineral involved in most bodily functions, providing a host of benefits to your general wellbeing.

Although it’s rare to have an actual deficiency of magnesium, many people are low in this mineral without realising – studies show that in the USA and Europe, up to 50 percent of people aren’t getting their recommended daily intake. Yet with over 600 enzymatic reactions in your body requiring magnesium for proper functioning, it’s important to manage your magnesium levels.

This multi-purpose mineral is used for:

  • Energy creation:
    Plays a key role in converting food into energy
  • Protein formation:
    Helps create new proteins from amino acids
  • Muscle movements:
    Is part of the contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • Nervous system regulation:
    Helps control your body’s stress-response system.

But the real show-stopping power of magnesium? Its support in helping you get a rested night’s sleep.

How does magnesium support sleep?

If you are low in magnesium you may find you experience restless sleep, waking frequently throughout the night. This is because magnesium plays a leading role in supporting the maintenance of GABA, a neurotransmitter that supports sleep. If you lack magnesium, you may not be getting the deep, restorative sleep your body needs. If this is the case, you may find magnesium supplementation will help support a rested night.

Introducing GO LIFE Magnesium Sleep

GO LIFE Magnesium Sleep has been specially formulated to support active, busy or stressed people with their sleep. It contains a combination of high-quality magnesium with other sleep-supporting ingredients:

  • Magnesium chelate
    An easy-to-absorb form of magnesium that supports nerve function, muscles and relaxation
  • Marine magnesium
    A natural form of magnesium precipitated from seawater that is very bioavailable in your body
  • Tart cherry
    Supports melatonin levels in your body, helping you to relax and support sleep
  • Passion flower, ziziphus and 5-HTP
    A calming formulation that helps to relax your body, mind and support a good night’s sleep.

Simply take Magnesium Sleep one hour before bed to reap the sleep-supporting benefits of this magic mineral.

Welcome to GO LIFE

GO LIFE is your new, premium option when it comes to supplement support. Made by Kiwis for Kiwis,
GO LIFE uses only high-quality ingredients so you can get best-quality results.

Find GO LIFE exclusively at your local Health 2000!

Always read the label and take as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. GO LIFE, Auckland.


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