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The Well Hung Butchery

Who are the Well Hung Butchery?

The Well Hung Butchery is co-owned by five Milford locals: husband and wife duos, Caroline and Carden, Lisa and Dean, and their close friend Jenny. They formed the business idea on their travels around Europe, where they fell in love with dry-aged meat, purchased from artisan butchers. They felt this was something that the New Zealand market was missing: quality meat, cut to order from your friendly local butcher.

Following the success of their Kitchener Road store in Milford, they’re opening a second store inside Milford Centre. The team at Well Hung are renowned for going above and beyond for their customers. Got a nostalgic sausage flavour you’d like to have recreated? Give them 24 hours and the friendly team will try to put it together for you! You only want four sausages, each a different flavour? You can! You only want a singular, small piece of steak? They’re happy to help.

They’re also passionate about offering quality, locally sourced, SPCA approved meat. Todd Treadwell, Executive Butcher of Well Hung said, “New Zealand is renowned for the quality of its beef, lamb, pork, chicken and venison. We source all our meat locally from the best-of-the-best. We have a fantastic team of experienced artisan butchers to ensure all our meat is perfectly prepared and aged to perfection, as well as being available to offer friendly advice on how best to cook each cut at home so that it tastes great.”

Well Hung Butchery specialises in offering premium quality New Zealand Angus, Matangi and Wagyu beef that has been well-hung and dry-aged for up to 100-days, along with their range of gourmet, specialty sausages that are made fresh in-house.

The Well Hung approach not only ensures that you can eat restaurant-quality meat in the comfort of your own home, but it also ensures that meat consumption is better for our health, the New Zealand economy and our environment.

The Milford Centre store

The Milford Centre store will be offering both ready-to-eat and ready-to-pop-in-the-oven options. These are designed for the busy people of Milford that like to eat well but are short on time. They’ll also be offering a click and collect service, to make things even easier!

The store will feature a state-of-the-art Rotisol french rotisserie, for those looking for a healthy, quick meal option. All meats are cooked to order and to your specifications and they can even accompany your roast with a side of duck fat potatoes. Perfect for easy dinners or to help cater for large dinner parties or functions.

In addition to beef and sausages, the store will offer ethically sourced and farmed poultry, lamb, pork and venison, direct from some of New Zealand’s top producers;

Oven-Ready Options:



Ready to Eat Options:



Dry aging is the traditional process of aging meat to achieve the highest levels of natural flavour and maximise the tenderness of each cut. The meat is not ‘dried’ or ‘cured’ but is instead well-hung on the bone for between 21 and 100 days to enhance the flavour profile – think of your favourite cut of steak left to age until taste perfection before being cut to your exact specifications and packed for you to take home and cook!

Todd Treadwell, Executive Butcher of Well Hung said, “The art of dry-aging meat to allow the true flavours to shine through seems to have been lost over the years. While there are a few top-end restaurants that undertake this process, sourcing well-hung, dry-aged meat to cook at home is incredibly hard. Well Hung will fill this gap in the market and make it possible for our customers to have access to restaurant quality, dry-aged meat that they can then take home to cook.”

To start the aging process meat is hung on the bone for about 21 days in a specially designed aging fridge. This ensures that the micro-climate surrounding the meat is controlled in terms of temperature, humidity and optimum air quality.

As the aging process continues, the flavour enhancement strengthens.  Moisture is evaporated from the muscle in the meat. This results in a greater concentration of both flavour and taste. The longer the beef ages, the more the natural enzymes break down the connective muscle tissue which is what enhances the tenderness level in the chosen cut.

As the aging process continues, the meat becomes darker in colour and a thin crust forms on the surface. At the end of the aging process, the crust is removed and the dry-aged meat is cut or deboned by the Well Hung specialist butchers. Well Hung will offer a variety of dry-aged meat cuts ranging from 21 days right up to 100-days, so customers will be able to see, feel and taste the difference.

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