Your Gut, Your Second Brain | BePure Seminar

Could we change the state of our nation’s mental wellbeing one bite at a time? We think yes! Do you?

We all have mental health. And while we don’t know for sure what exactly drives mental health issues, there is ever-evolving and compelling research that it might not be just in our heads after all.

In fact, much of the chaos in our minds may be driven from our bodies, more specifically, from the gut.

Some researchers are even saying our gut is our ‘second brain’ 🤔

75-90% of our serotonin, our happy hormone, is made in our guts. Which shows how a compromised gut will affect your ability to use serotonin, impacting how you feel – from your mood to anxiety and depression, as well as mental clarity.

However, this is just one of the ways our gut influences our mental wellbeing. Join Laura, a BePure representative, on tour to dive deeper into the incredible gut-brain connection, and learn how nurturing great gut health connects the dots between your physical health and mental health – nourishing the wellbeing of your whole being.

We have a gut-feeling you won’t want to miss this life-changing seminar.

This event is free for Milford Shopping Centre customers and does not require any bookings.

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